The Essence of Marketing

Marketing, in the simplest sense, is getting the word out about your product/service to your target audience. Although we are unaware of this, but marketing has been around for hundreds of years.

Channels vary between online and offline, traditional and innovative, and the suitable channel depends on many factors, mostly the time and the audience intended. Their age, class, values and interests are just some of the influential factors to consider. Word-of-mouth is the eldest and most common of marketing channels, effective whoever the audience is. To reach audience in a specific location, outdoor advertising such as billboards can be effective. To be extremely specific in targeting, choosing the right social media channel and using its online advertising is a powerful method. Seasons tend to see a surge in events and flash mobs, as they are a great way to engage audiences, automatically activate word-of-mouth, and can be incorporated with other channels. Out of all seasons, video production and television are most active in Ramadan.

A specialized marketing team will be best equipped to put together a complete 360 strategy to cover your needs and boost your sales.