Metaverse it’s just the beginning

So, everybody’s heard anout how Facebook – the mother company – changed its name and brand identity to #Meta, but that was not all that changed. There’s also the #Metaverse, which Meta describes as “the next evolution of social connection”.


Apparently, the Metaverse is a set of 3D spaces which will allow us to deal with other people in the virtual world. Not just that, but we’ll supposedly feel everything there despite the distances.


Which means that, in a few years, we might find ourselves working on marketing campigns to be executed in the metaverse, targeting a virtual audience, or even attending meeting in the metaverse…


Many opinions arised on Meta, from the view that the new name will not change the chaos, and that any ambitions are hard to achieve at the moment, to those who really believe our reality and the way we live will entirely change…what do you think? Share your opinion with us!